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The House of the Rising Sun – A Movie Review

In The House of the Rising Sun, Tom Cruise plays a professional gambler in the Midwest, attending night school to get his “A” while running a casino for the mob in the heart of Hollywood. I’m not saying that this is a movie about gambling and I’m certainly not condoning it or anything, but I thought I’d share a little about what I love about the movie The House of the Rising Sun with you.

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First of all, it takes place at a casino and yet it’s obviously set in Hollywood. I don’t think it would be hard to imagine a similar movie taking place in Hollywood, although not as advanced in the technological sense. This movie is set in America, which makes it easy to play it as a quintessential American tale. To say the least, Tom Cruise does a great job of portraying the hustle and bustle of a casino.

The soundtrack in the movie is great. This is because of the music chosen for certain scenes and movies. For instance, there is a scene where the kids are playing cards and the music is totally off-key. However, that minor problem doesn’t detract from the film at all. The soundtrack is fantastic, evoking the Vegas feel of Vegas and then adding that cinematic quality that makes each scene completely different.

Overall, I think that The House of the Rising Sun is more about making money than winning it. In fact, a good chunk of the movie deals with making money for the mobsters, who have made out like bandits in this scenario. After a few of them are injured, the movie almost becomes a thriller, rather than a bad movie.

There is an aspect of the movie that is different from what you might expect, which is that there is gambling in the film. But it’s still true that all the gambling takes place in the Midwest. After all, casinos were very popular there because they provided a casino atmosphere, which was much less expensive and required less labor than Vegas.

After a long day at the office, I would like to just go to the casino and have a great time gambling there. Indeed, I’m not saying that The House of the Rising Sun is about gambling in a negative way. The movie is a little racy in places, but it’s entertaining at all times.

The Movie picks up right after the last one, which was the movie House of Flying Daggers. However, the ending is a little different from what was anticipated. I was expecting some sort of redemption for the bad guys, but actually they end up going down for the count.

Overall, The House of the Rising Sun is a fun movie that I recommend to people who love movies about casinos. I also really liked that I got to see a lot of good scenes involving the casino gambling. It’s funny and even though there are some mistakes in the script, it’s a movie that I really enjoyed.