Hollywood casino columbus ohio

Hollywood Casino Columbus Ohio Hotel & Casino

One of the newest hotel developments in Ohio is the Hollywood Casino Columbus Ohio Hotel & Casino. This world-class destination hotel is situated just minutes from the Disneyland theme park, the Scioto Mile and other attractions that your family will love. A fun filled day awaits you at the Hollywood Casino Columbus Ohio Hotel & Casino!

The Casino offers a fantastic experience for guests who want to party hard and have some fun! It is the most exciting gambling room in town! There are four gaming areas including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker. There is also an online poker room. Guests can choose from an incredible array of entertainment, all ready and waiting to be enjoyed by them.

The “Grand Striker” provides an unforgettable party atmosphere for your special event at the Hollywood Casino Cleveland. It has a beautiful and large indoor “barn style” fire pit. Guests are offered a more oeuvres meal prior to entering the “Brick and Mortar Barn.” Here they can enjoy the buffet for dinner before heading into the dance floor to enjoy the live music of Grand Striker.

The Hollywood Casino Columbus Ohio Hotel & Casino is an excellent choice for your family reunion, stag weekend or corporate outing. Your guests will be entertained and delighted at the Hollywood Casino Columbus Ohio Hotel & Casino! You can rent any activity from “Bingo” to “MasterCard Poker” and have the opportunity to win great prizes! Take your family out to dinner or a fun-filled night out in the many different entertainment venues available for your entertainment needs.

Entertainment comes in many forms. From baseball to badminton to darts to a full blown Las Vegas show, entertain your guests with all the tricks and treats. Take a mini tour of the casino first to get the guests up to speed on the Vegas feel. With entertainment coming every which way from sports to music to comedy, no one is left out! Enjoy your evening, and thanks to the interactive websites for a great interactive look into the entertainment at the Hollywood Casino!

The Hollywood Casino offers you the benefits of a state of the art casino experience. The Hollywood Casino offers you a complete home theater experience with two TV monitors, one in each of the players’ section. For an awesome surround sound effect, there is a full theatre sound system inside each room with six speakers per speaker! With a quality stereo system, you will be able to experience the same awesome sound and entertainment at home as you do at the Hollywood Casino. You will be sure to enjoy a great night of entertainment that will leave your guests praising your hospitality and the entertainment at the Hollywood Casino.

For those that really want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the Hollywood Casino provides incredible party packages, such as the Diamond Ballroom. This truly spectacular setting features four stunningly beautiful chandeliers and a glass waterfall. There is even an intimate patio, perfect for an intimate dinner or cocktail party, complete with a miniature fountain.

When it is time to relax, you can do just that at the Hollywood Casino. The Hollywood Casino provides a place for you to unwind to your heart’s content. Enjoy a night of music and entertainment and take your family out to dinner.