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Hollywood Casino Shutters

hollywood casino ohio
According to stats reported Friday by the Ohio Casino Control Commission, Columbus, Ohio Hollywood Casino seems to be regaining momentum from the recent financial downturn caused primarily by the CO VID-19 closing. In July, Hollywood Casino registered its first full month of revenue since the beginning of the outbreak, The Lantern News reports. However, the state’s largest casino, Billiard Cruises, was shut down for several days due to a power outage, the state’s emergency management department tells The Lantern. Although all the casino’s machines were brought back online, it takes awhile before they are all operational again, according to the Lantern. Both Billiard Cruises and Hollywood Casino say that they are working on a solution to restore operations soon.

During the recent closure, the closure left about 40 people unemployed, and the surrounding area saw a decrease in jobs and commerce, The Ohio Department of Commerce and Community Development says. In addition to the loss of employment, many residents were put out of their homes, which directly affected their families, The Lantern News reports. The lack of affordable housing has been blamed on the closure of local gaming establishments, but there is no clear explanation as yet as to why the state closed some of the casinos. Whether the closures are a direct result of state budget cuts or the result of residents losing their homes and businesses, the impact on the city’s economy remains unclear.

In terms of what the immediate future holds for the casino, little is certain, as some sources say that the Ohio State Gaming Commission is still examining the way the shutters were put in place and how to fix any problems it might find. In the meantime, casino owners are left to rue their lax oversight of these businesses, which were initially given the green light by officials despite widespread complaints about their poor performance. Despite the current uncertainty, some Ohioans are hopeful that the losses will be used as bargaining chips by politicians interested in reviving the casino industry in the state. “We’re losing customers every day, yet the government is doing everything they can to keep the lights on in Hollywood,” said John Zody, owner of Zody’s Pub and Casino. “I’m not sure if we’ll ever be able to regain our customer base, but at least we can breathe easy knowing that those storefronts in Ohio are officially closing for good.”

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