Hollywood casino columbus ohio

The Best in Luxury Entertainment

The new Hollywood Casino Hotel is a luxurious new addition to the Vegas Strip. Located in the heart of Downtown Columbus Ohio, it offers some of the best views of the Strip. The spectacular lobby and resort-style rooms offer comfort and luxury to those who choose to stay at the hotel.

hollywood casino hotel columbus ohio

Even if you are staying at the hotel for business or pleasure, your guest’s enjoyment will be maximized at the five-star amenities available. From complimentary breakfast to fitness centers, the hotel provides every amenity. The modern and elegant bathrooms feature a sparkling tile flooring. Furthermore, the swimming pool at the Hollywood Casino Hotel offers people of all ages an opportunity to relax and unwind after a busy day at work.

The Hollywood Casino Hotel’s owner, Thomas Alapatt is a financial veteran, having owned more than 50 companies. Thomas Alapatt has been married for over thirty years to the former Linda MacDonald and they have two daughters, Tricia and Ellen. They own the hotel with financing from their own pocket. Aside, from Thomas Alapatt, the hotel also features the services of its finance, management, and executive team.

In the recent past, Thomas Alapatt had transformed the downtown Columbus Ohio Hilton Hotel into the Luxury Grand Union Hotel, known as the Union Hotel & Casino. The grandeur of the hotel was complemented by amenities such as a free weekly restaurant, jazz club, and dance studio. At that time, this hotel also featured a meeting space, conference rooms, fitness rooms, and an indoor swimming pool.

Another area of the Hollywood Casino Hotel where Thomas Alapatt has had a major impact is the Hilton Garden Inn, which is located just a short distance away from the hotel. The luxurious accommodations offered at the Hilton Garden Inn include the Grand Court Room, Executive Club Rooms, and Executive Suites. The guests can enjoy one of the many spacious and comfortable rooms in the Grand Court Room. The Grand Court Room is located in the heart of the hotel, offering guests breathtaking views of the Strip.

The hotel’s nightlife is popular amongst Columbus’ residents and visitors alike. The wide selection of restaurants and nightclubs at the hotel offer guests a dining experience that has the freedom to choose a menu that appeals to their taste buds. Furthermore, the hotel offers several fine lounges where guests can unwind after a long day at work.

The entertainment offered at the hotel is an area where visitors can expect a great deal of variety. The full service clubs and restaurants, including Chili’s, offer a wide variety of music options for guests to enjoy. These restaurants and nightclubs are where you can expect to find award-winning chef-driven food that rivals those offered at some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas.

If you are visiting Columbus Ohio and would like to be entertained and pampered, the Hilton Garden Inn is the perfect place to stay. The resort-style rooms at the Hollywood Casino Hotel feature well-appointed kitchens with a stunning view of the Strip. Guests can expect to be pampered and entertained.